Midvaal Plumbers

About Us

Our company is set out on delivering excellent plumbing services by providing our customers with affordable and effective plumbing solutions. Our team is always on standby should you need an emergency plumber near you. We quote promptly, deliver neat work, always on time, and we promise to always keep you in the loop.

Our Vision & Mission

Contributing to transformation, service delivery, and sustainable growth through our commitment to provide a quality plumbing service in an environment where our clients come first.

To be a leading independent plumbing company that:

  • Strives to satisfy our customers by attending to all inquiries in an efficient manner, with all our plumbing quotations drawn up promptly while outlining specific details.
  • Maintains a high service standard through relationship, expertise, and experience.

Our Ethics

  • We will deal with our customers and their employees honestly and fairly, always.
  • We will treat any information obtained in the course of a project or repair as confidential.
  • We will not never knowingly place ourselves in a position where our interests conflict with those of a client.
  • We will not entertain business relationships that require us to put aside our ethics statement.
  • We will inform our clients of any business connections, affiliations, or interests of which the client would have a reasonable expectation to be made aware.
  • We will not accept a fee, commission, or other payment from anyone but our client.
  • We will make our clients fully aware of the repair structures and all associated costs before we start working.
  • We are committed to environmentally responsible purchasing to reduce water waste and use.

Our Compliances

  • We comply with all SARS regulations and tax requirements.
  • We comply with BEE.
  • We comply with all the health and safety regulations of South Africa