Replacement and installation of hot water systems and geysers. We install and replace all kinds of hot water systems and geysers. We can help with gravity-fed geysers, high-pressure geysers, solar systems, heat pumps and fitment of geyser blankets.

What to do when you have a burst geyser

  1. Turn the power off. Find your electrical DB board and switch off the switch labeled “Geyser”.
  2. Close the shut-off valve on geyser, if you were not able to find the geysers shut-off valve, close the main shut-off valve to the building, usually situated near the water meter.
  3. Once the water has been shut off and the power to the geyser has been put off, both hot and cold taps in the bath tub can be opened to try and drain out as much water as possible from the leaking geyser.

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