Pipe Repairs & Installation

Damaged / temperamental pipework can result in huge flooding and heaps of Rands in fees due to water damage repairs.

Replacement, repair and installation of waterpipes, copper and plastic.

We service blocked drains and specialize in drain cleaning. Leak detection: Find and locate water leaks and burst pipes. Bathroom and Kitchen Refurbishments.

Most plumbing issues arise at or close to such furnishings as sinks, tubs, and toilets. Sometimes, however, the pipes themselves are the foundation of the problem. Pipes may be temperamental - installing pipes has to be performed well because they are able to leak, sweat, freeze, or make loud noises.

A Guide to Pipe Problems.

There are all types of plumbing leaks. Some can flood your home, others are not as bad.

There are many elements that could make contributions to burst water pipes. Aging pipes, wrong setup and unsuitable maintenance, or a gradual leak that builds up stress through the years are a number of the foundation reasons of burst water pipes. Burst water pipes harbor the ability to cause critical harm, especially if that burst takes place withinside the ceiling or ground and is going undetected for a while earlier than it surfaces.

How To Detect A Burst Pipe

• The best way to find out that you have a burst pipe on your plumbing system, is with the aid of using first checking your water meter (making sure no water is getting used internal or out of doors of your workplace or house).

• If no water is getting used and the dial of your meter is moving, possibilities are, you've got got a leak.

• To locate whether or not it's in the house or outside, find the principle close off valve.

• Shut the main in your indoor plumbing off. Check your meter, make sure now to not apply any water for the duration of this period.

• If the meter reading is still the same, your leak is possibly positioned outdoors. If there's a change in meter readings, then it's possible that your leak is indoors.